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Retail Beacon Technology: A Digital Hit Or Miss?

eMarketer, a top thought-leader in digital marketing, has a great article about the status of beacon technology adoption in retail today.  For those not familiar with beacon technology, this is a quick and great read.  Here’s a valuable snippet of content, but don’t let this prevent you from reading this brief article in full:

What’s Going On with Beacons? – eMarketer

…retailers are currently more invested in customer experience personalization tactics like targeted marketing campaigns, training in-store associates and collecting data on customers’ preferences than they are on in-store technologies such as beacons. “


Constant Change: A Small Business Advantage

For more than half a century marketing decisions relied heavily on the steady habits of traditional population media behaviors like watching broadcast television, reading newspapers and listening to the radio.  Today the population is anything but traditional, media habits are a roller-coaster of fragmentation, and competition across media outlets is fierce as audiences inherently decline.  This is bad news for big media, and fantastic news for small business.

With technology, the decline of media power brokers and cumbersome red-tape preventing large companies from being nimble, today’s marketing landscape offers BIG opportunity for small business.  With this opportunity comes ongoing market confusion, predatory pricing practices and difficulty in identifying which tactics deliver the best ROI for each individual business.  It is beyond a full-time job and requires deep industry expertise in marketing mix integration, vendor negotiation, campaign optimization and more.  Most business owners and leaders have far too much on their plate to even scratch the surface.  That’s where we come in.

Small businesses are in the driver’s seat.  And we’re their secret weapon for growth.  Inside Track delivers affordable expertise across the entire multi-channel marketing landscape and leverages marketing automation to help businesses grow.  We price for small business while delivering large marketing and advertising department capabilities.  Ala carte or full-service.  Everything you need or we collaborate with your current resources for a seamless solution to drives sales, accountability and return.