Adopting Automation & Artificial Intelligence

The Benefits Of Marketing Automation Plus Predictive Modeling

Marketing Automation, a common solution behind many of today’s most successful companies, is a proven and affordable way for any company to generate and nurture leads through the pipeline, eliminate wasteful spending, and improve sales. But did you know that establishing a customized predictive marketing model for what success actually looks like will make automation technology that much better?  Our take on what a predictive model should include is a bit different than the norm because we customize it around your business drivers, average sales price, and other internal data relevant to your bottom line.  Other models are typically based on what is called machine learning, or customer data that comes from a variety of life cycle intersections.  This is great, but midsize and smaller growing companies often do not have the deep pockets or internal analysts to tackle this more complicated approach.

So what makes the Inside Track model a best-fit for midsize and smaller growing companies?  We align all aspects of a campaign into a common standard, which we use to keep vendors accountable, drive campaign results and achieve measurable ROI.  This means everything you do from a promotional standpoint is measured on an apples to apples basis.  It’s really the only way to separate those tactics and outlets that generate revenue from those that don’t.  This type of modeling provides key insights into every vendor, event or other marketing effort’s contribution to your goals.  Keep the winners, eliminate the losers, and make your every marketing dollar count.

Together, Marketing Automation and Predictive Modeling are the surest way to manage advertising and marketing campaigns from start to finish, giving you an Inside Track for maximized return.