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Content Is King, But That’s Not Enough



Content Is King For More Reasons Than You May Know

Here are a few of the standouts:

  • It has long been the Google magnet for organic SEO.
  • It forces a deeper understanding of the customer experience.
  • It enables brand affinity in a ‘flat’ online world.
  • It builds brand equity and share of voice in highly competitive markets.
  • It provides a path for customer collaboration in product development.
  • It creates a brand persona that is personalized to customers and qualified candidates alike.
  • It feeds the sales pipeline in the form of lead generation, product demand and customer engagement.

Over the last several years ‘content‘ has become the backbone to successful marketing campaigns. Companies small to large disperse time and money to establish themselves as the thought-leader in a category, often never pitching their own product or services in the process. This is the mantra of our customer-driven age, and no doubt it is here to stay.

“Yet, simply providing content that doesn’t push products isn’t enough. In order for content to support sales, brands need to have sufficient technology for tracking readers’ activity and then providing more targeted articles or videos before eventually pitching products that will meet individuals’ specific needs.”

CMO Technology News, 5/31/17

When it comes to sales enabling technology,  none has become more influential, important and affordable to sales and marketing teams than CRM + Marketing Automation. This powerful combination offers both sides of the revenue pipeline (mktg & sales) to work smarter and collaboratively in supporting each customer through their individual buying journey.

CRM + Marketing Automation combines as a single engine that makes every piece of content, event, sales promotion, customer contact, public relations, product development, advertising, sponsorship, trade show, sales contest and more, accountable.   Track lead generation, ROI, customer preferences, process barriers, individual sales performance, product viability and demand, and a host of customized answers to the ‘gray areas’ of a company’s day-to-day business.

CRM + Marketing Automation used to a technology caviar affordable only to big business.  That landscape has changed, and now even the smallest start-up can leverage those same technologies to compete against larger competitors.  Never before has there been this affordable of a tool available to truly level the playing field between a small company and a Fortune 500, and measure how each piece of content contributes (or doesn’t) to company growth.

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10-Minute Marketing Automation Q&A

Marketing Automation is a simple, affordable cloud-based campaign solution used to generate leads, drive sales and optimize ROI.

It enables you to easily build and own a database of prospects, leads and customers, and nurture them through various buying stages. Automate tasks, save time and empower your sales efforts by identifying when a contact has turned into a hot prospect.

Marketing Automation offers a long list of benefits for any size company, and today is one of the most fundamental requirements for helping your business grow.  And cloud-based means no IT maintenance or support is required.

Marketing Automation has changed the way successful companies market their products and services.

Every company today should be using some aspect of marketing automation. When used correctly, it can drastically improve customer loyalty, brand exposure and conversion from leads to sales.  For midsize and smaller growing companies, it’s a powerful tool for competing against big companies with deep pockets.  In fact, it’s the same type of system they are using to compete with you!

Whether you’re a small company that wants to take it more slowly, a midsize company ready to win the competitive race, or a fast-growing company that needs a full-service team leading the charge in marketing, advertising and automation, there is a custom fit that is more than affordable.

Since Marketing Automation is customized to each client’s business, we recommend taking advantage of our no-cost or obligation 10-minute Q&A with a Project Manager to discuss your company and how marketing automation may fit.  Rest assured this is not a slick sales tactic, but rather a true opportunity to ask questions of someone on our team who helps our clients after the sale.

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5 Ways Marketing Automation Drives Sales

Marketing Automation (MA) is the engine behind many of today’s most successful B2B and B2C campaigns.  It’s affordable to businesses of all sizes, and offers almost immediate results as companies scale use to fit their unique needs.  But did you know it goes beyond marketing alone by feeding sales departments and teams with the critical information to support building and closing business?  Here are five stand-out reasons why your sales team should be armed with automation:

  1. Eliminate Cold Calling:  The days of cold calling are long gone.  Customers are savvy, key contacts have screeners, and the direct-line to a decision-maker is likely an unpublished mobile number.  While they are indeed elusive, they are also connected.  They use mobile devices and laptops to access relevant content to their jobs and lifestyles.  They research purchases for home and business procurement.  They verify brands, specifications, availability, pricing, competitors, research and recruit employees and more.  Cold calling rarely works today, but the right content, at the right time does, and scoring leads by how they engage with your brand provides salespeople with the insights a cold call could never achieve.  Marketing automation makes this possible.
  2. Personalize and Segment Messages By Industry, Persona, Buying History, Product Interest, More:  We are now and for the foreseeable future in a purely 1:1 relationship with leads and customers.  A one-size-fits-all approach to messaging no longer resonates.  Successful sales departments use automation to align product information, sales events, pricing specials and loyalty opportunities with each customer’s unique interests.  Doing so elevates the chances of building the type of customer engagement that drives sales and repeat business.
  3. Identify The Best Leads:  Leads come in all forms.  Some cool, some warm, others hot.  If all you’re working with is a static database, or scratch pad of messages scattered on a desk, there really is no way to identify the best lead, which results in salespeople spending a lot of time on unqualified opportunities.  The various tools integrated in marketing automation solve this problem.  The system can actually automate a notification to a salesperson when a lead hits the tipping point toward becoming a sale.  For leads not quite there, automated and triggered campaigns help nurture them through the sales funnel until they do, making the most of a salesperson’s time and increasing opportunity to drive revenue because they aren’t spinning wheels on leads not yet ready.
  4.  Get CRM As A Built-In Tool:  The best marketing automation systems include a built-in CRM for midsize and smaller growing companies, plus the option to interface with other CRM systems a company may be using, like Salesforce.  By tying automation and CRM together, business leaders gain key insights into the cost/return ratio of a lead, customer and repeat customer.  For salespeople, it provides a combined platform where they can enter their own sales data, projections and more, and view the life of the lead and what they are researching on your website, what emails they’re interested in, where they are clicking.  This insight becomes invaluable to a salesperson looking to gain credibility with a prospect by focusing on what they are showing interest in versus starting a conversation from scratch.
  5. Automate Manual Tasks:  Salespeople have good reason to grimace when they hear the word ‘paperwork’.  It is their least favorite thing to do, and takes them away from what you’ve hired them for.  Marketing automation is a win-win business tool for both salespeople and the backend requirements of specifying, processing and fulfilling orders.  Automating certain aspects of the sales process and customer onboarding enables salespeople to spend more time selling and less time shuffling paper.  The result?  Increase sales opportunities for business growth.

Marketing Automation: Give The Big Dog A Run For The Money

We live in a world of promotion. From the grocery store to the ballet, industrial pipes to solar power. B2C and B2B, not-for-profit and government. Every organization remains viable in great part due to self-promotion. Some do it better than others, and deeper pockets can certainly provide advantages. But never underestimate the lean, hungry, nimble organizations that use technology to give the big dog a run for his money.

Gaining a competitive edge can feel like a monumental task, particularly with the overload of marketplace options. Big data, social media, digital, mobile, television, public relations, etc., are mere fragments of a ginormous marketing ecosystem. It can be utterly exhausting.

 Marketing Automation is one of the most affordable solutions for businesses small to large, and has proven itself mighty effective in nurturing both new leads and loyal customers through the sales and customer service pipeline.  According to Forrester Research, of the most successful companies in the U.S., close to 80% use Marketing Automation. It can drive revenue, shorten the sales cycle, increase deal sizes, reduce cost-per-lead, eliminate manual marketing tasks and deliver ROI transparency, to name a few. Here’s the greatest advantage … Marketing Automation levels the field between big business and the rest of the players. It’s a game changer for smaller, nimble, growing companies because Marketing Automation enables them to scale their promotional efforts exponentially, yet affordably.

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that can be effectively used by underdogs across all industries and sectors.  

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